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This article collects a number best practice articles describing a step-by-step configuration instructions for different configurations, mostly involving the complex but very versatile microHam controllers. Feel free to add your own personal set-b-step insruction in a BestPractice article. This maybe helpful for you and for others.

  1. Kenwood TS-850S or FT-1000MP + microHAM MKII setup
  2. Icom IC-736 with the microHAM USB Interface II setup
  3. Icom IC-275H with the microHAM USB Interface IC setup
  4. Kenwood TS-850S with the microHAM microKeyer setup
  5. Kenwood TS-850S with the microHAM MKII
  6. Yaesu FT-1000D with the microHAM MKII
  7. Setting up the Yaesu FTDX-101
  8. Setting up the ICOM IC-7410 + microHAM MKII
  9. Setting up the KX3 only with KXUSB cable
  10. Setting up the ICOM IC-7851 + microHAM MK III