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Getting ready for a RTTY Contest

This article describes how to set up a Kenwood TS-850, a microHAM USB II Interface and accompanying software for use during a RTTY contest. This should give you some idea on what areas to look at when you are going for this relatively complex scenario.

This is a step-by-step approach with a little test at the end of each step to make sure things are working on the lower level before we go up to the next. I wrote it down after a number of debug sessions at various locations, where a lot of hair was torn out.

Kenwood TS-850 settings

  • Low Tones
    • What does it mean?
    • Why do we want low tones and not high tones?
  • Filters

microHAM USB Interface II

  • Cables
  • Audio Level

mircoHAM USB Device Router

  • Virtual Ports
    • Don't use same port for radio control PTT/CW/FSK switching - use two different ones, like COM5 and COM6
  • Testing PTT, CW and FSK


  • Low Tones
  • XY-Scope
  • Test Receiving signals
  • FSK - why do we want it?
    • cleaner signals
    • reference to AA5BT's excellent articles
  • ExtFSK.dll
    • Download and Install
    • Configure and Test
    • Configure MMTTY - TX and Misc submenu
  • Radio Control from MMTTY - don't!


  • Start up MMTTY
  • Configure MMTTY.EXE startup path
  • Configure Radio Control